H.E.A.T. - HEAT for Change


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Applying H.E.A.T. relieves pressure and helps us heal.

Doctors know this, healthcare professionals know this, and we know this. And we are applying H.E.A.T. to elected officials. Mothers are dying every day in this country – while pregnant or while giving birth. Especially Black and Indigenous/Native American mothers. Bold action can change this – and we need to engage our elected officials to address this critical public health issue.

We are educating voters and elected officials across the country – and are applying H.E.A.T. in the five states with the worst maternal mortality outcomes:

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H.E.A.T. on Maternal Mortality is Doctors of the World’s voter education and advocacy initiative designed to engage our supporters, donors, volunteers, and healthcare professionals on the issue of maternal mortality in the United States. Through this pilot initiative, we will enlist their help to engage their elected officials to publicly commit to helping decrease the alarming disparities that exist, especially among Black and Indigenous women.

Leveraging our influence with healthcare professionals, combined with input from experts in the field, we seek to draw attention to the issue of maternal mortality to prompt elected officials to publicly respond with their plans for how they will address this public health crisis.

All mothers should get the care and attention they need while pregnant and post birth.

Black and Indigenous mothers in the U.S. are dying at similar levels as mothers in developing countries. This is unacceptable and it is time for a change. 

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